Political Program

ANT.AR.SY.A / Front of the Anti-Capitalist, Revolutionary, Communist Left and Radical Ecology in Greece was founded on March 22, 2009 by political forces and activists of the anti-capitalist, revolutionary, communist Left and radical environmentalists. Participating political organizations include AKOS, ARAN, ARAS, EKKE, NAR, NKA, Alternative Ecologists, OKDE SPARTACUS, SEK, as well as frontal organizations such as ME.R.A. and EN.ANTI.A, Communist Renewal, and hundreds of independent activists. ANTARSYA  operates in a direct democracy model, and is open to any collective and any activist who shares similar concerns. ANTARSYA invites every activist, every collective, every force oriented towards a politics of rupture and subversion to join forces in an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-EU direction. ANTARSYA seeks to open the discussion for left politics today and the necessary revolutionary strategy for our time.
The political proposal and program of ANTARSYA
In the present historical period, ANTARSYA’s central political objective is the anti-capitalist subversion of the attack waged on the part of the capital, its governments, the EU and the IMF, with the necessary anti-capitalist transitional program.  It is a program for the survival and the substantial improvement of the economic and social life of workers and all people, that is inextricably tied to the struggle for debt cancellation, the exit from the euro and the EU, workers' control, nationalizations, unilateral termination of all memoranda of 'medium-term’ frameworks and loan contracts; A program that defends jobs and the collective productive capacity of society against the laws of the market and EU policy.

The main axes of struggle are:
  • The unilateral termination of Memoranda for the immediate improvement of the working class and oppressed people. This will take place starting with the abolition of all laws stemming from the Memoranda regarding income, pensions, collective bargaining agreements and so forth.
  • The overthrow of the ND-PASOK-DIMAR coalition government and of any government that implements the memoranda and only “manages” capital’s attack.
  • The elimination of Troika EU-ECB-IMF and all side-mechanisms of the EU, the conquest and expansion of the working people's sovereignty and the right of people to decide their fate.
  • Debt cancellation with immediate cessation of payments to creditors.
  • The nationalization of banks and large businesses, including those that are closing down and firing workers, with worker/popular control and without compensation for losses.
  • The exit from the Euro and the EU that ANTARSYA promotes as a demand with an anti-capitalist character for a new internationalist course.
  • The overthrow of the undemocratic politics of violence, repression, and state of emergency through democratic gains to the benefit of workers and the people.
  • The fight against fascist threat and racism for the defense, legalization, and naturalization of the children of immigrants; safeguarding immigrants' rights as an integral part of the working class. A massive anti-racist and anti-fascist movement with the contribution and cooperation of ANTARSYA with KEERFA in unified frontal action in neighborhoods, with anti-fascist committees coordinated in “movement” terms and not via the logic of the "constitutional arch."
  • The exit from NATO, the closedown of military bases, refusal to participate in imperialist campaigns around the world.
  • The defense of a collective production potential in order to keep the businesses open and the factories under workers’ control, the cultivation of the land by the small and poor peasantry and the survival of self-employed working classes and their cooperatives.
  • The defense and expansion of social and political rights of women and of all people who are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation.
  • The defense of nature and the environment from the pillaging invasion of capital.

ANTARSYA’s transitional anti-capitalist program proposes struggle to mass labor and popular movements. It collides with the bourgeois political hegemony and domination, and directly seeks material changes in the power correlation, becoming thus a blueprint for action, and for making gains in the interest of workers. The struggle for the implementation of this program will demonstrate that the final deliverance from exploitation and oppression can only come through a revolutionary process and the power of the workers themselves.

(adapted from the Political Decision of the 2nd CONFERENCE of ANTARSYA, 7/11/2013)